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Tere tulemast Tõstukikeskuse kodulehele!

Buy Pure Diazepam, Buy Valium 2Mg

Working Height

21.30m (70ft)

Working Outreach

12.60m (41ft 6in)

4 Wheel Drive

Maximising traction
over rough terrain

4 Wheel Steer

Superior manoeuvrability on site

Independent Suspension

For fast comfortable
positioning on site

Platform Rotation
& Fly-Boom

Improved access to applications

Turf Tyres

Minimise disruption to
sensitive grass surfaces

The SD210 4x4x4 self drive work platform is the ultimate combination of our trailer mounted and self propelled product ranges.

With full independent suspension and 4 wheel drive, the SD210 4x4x4 self drive work platform can cope with a wide range of working environments and still offers the same impressive reach as the Height Rider 21.

Low weight design makes the SD210 4x4x4 self drive work platformeconomical and quick to transport and 4 wheel steer gives the operator enormous flexibility to manoeuvre once on site.

Excellent gradeability coupled with a good travel speed allow the SD210 4x4x4 self drive work platform to be positioned and set up quickly, allowing the operator to spend more of their time working.

The extra manoeuvrability available from the 4 wheel steer option coupled with the special “Turf Tyres” make the SD210 4x4x4 self drive work platform ideal for working on sensitive surfaces such as grass.

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