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All parts are stainless including hydraulic pump, fork frame, handle, push rod, Bearing, pin and bolt,etc?

For use in meat and other food industries, dairy canning and areas where corrosive acids and saline solutions are used

Fully sealed hydraulic coated pump

Pressure relief valve/overload valve

Three position handle-Lift-Neutral-Lower

Tandem nylon load rollers & steering wheels

Materials and specification are subject to change

1KG=2.2LB 1INCH=25.4MM


Capacity Q kg 2000 2000
Min. fork height h mm 85 75
Max. fork height h1 mm 200 190
Steering wheel mm Φ200×50 Φ180×50
Load roller Single mm Φ80×93 Φ74×93
Load roller Tandem mm Φ80×70 Φ74×70
Size of fork e*s mm 160×60
Width overall forks B mm 520 / 540 / 685
Fork length I mm 1000/1100/1150/1220

Conforms to EN 1757-2

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