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Tere tulemast Tõstukikeskuse kodulehele!

Best Valium Online, Buy Valium In Australia

Model Lifting Capacity(kg) Lowest Fork Height(mm) Max Fork Height(mm) Fork Length x Fork Width(mm)
DGB1500 1500 85 800 1100×520
DGB1000 1000 85 800 1100×680
Dia.of front wheel(mm) Dia.of rear wheel(mm) Lifting time in full range(s) Size of Fork(mm)
DGB1500 Φ75×50 Φ150×50 18 162×50
DGB1000 Φ75×50 Φ150×50 10/12 162×50
Descending speed(mm/s) Motor working voltage(v) Battery voltage(v) Electricity volume(A/hour)
DGB1500 <0.1 12 12 63
DGB1000 <0.1 12 12 63
Working pressure of Pump Station(Mpa) Input/output voltage of Charger(v) Max charging current of charger(A)
DGB1500 21 AC230/115DC12 10
DGB1000 15 200-240/12 10


Q’ty/case Wooden case size(mm) Q’ty/20′ Q’ty/crate Wooden case size(mm) Q’ty/20′
1pcs 166x60x68 33pcs 4purchase 193x60x72 108pcs
166x76x68 26pcs 193x76x72 84pcs

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