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Niftylift has extended the HR21 product range to include a DeckRider® variant. The DR21 is the first in a new range of products to utilise a unique conversion kit for self propelled Hybrids enabling conversion to a Static Base Lift Platform or DeckRider®. The kit uses detachable sleds that can be assembled quickly and easily vastly increasing the utilisation and productivity of your Niftylift Hybrid. The HR21 Hybrid is uniquely suitable for conversion to a DeckRider® due to its extremely low overall weight, providing an environmentally friendly solution to steel construction and a greater return on investment.

Nifty DeckRider® 21 Hybrid – The Benefits

Nifty DeckRiders have proven themselves as invaluable construction tools in the Steel Erection industry and have been prominent in a number of prestigious projects including the constructon of The Shard in London – UK (pictured right) and can be seen in the time lapse video below. Some of the benefits of using a Niftylift DeckRider® include:

  • Fully compliant with ‘Working at Height’ regulations in the steel erection industry.
  • Can be craned into position quickly and easily due to extremely low overall weight.
  • Can be used at a much earlier stage of construction than conventional self propelled machines.
  • Can work on differing pitches of profiled steelwork due to variable width facility on frame.
  • Can be used in higher winds than conventional self propelled machines – Windage Rating = 38 mph.
  • Reliance on waiting for slab floor to achieve sufficient load-bearing strength is removed, making steel erection swifter and more efficient.

Niftylift Hybrid Range – The Benefits

Niftylift Hybrid Technology is a huge step forward in the evolution of self propelled boom lifts and the Niftylift Hybrid range offers a host of benefits to the owner, the operator and the environment. Some of these include:

  • Lower Fuel Consumption – 50% less due to engine size optimisation.
  • 24 Hour Operation Possible – Diesel Re-Gen fast charges batteries while working on Diesel.
  • Lower Exhaust Emmissons – 80% reduction in particulate emmisions.
  • Zero Emmission Available- Electric only power option selectable for quiet, fume-free operation.
  • SiOPS® Fitted – Sustained involuntary operation prevention system as standard.
  • ToughCage Fitted – Strong, Durable and economical cage as standard.

Nifty Hybrids and DeckRiders Combined – The Best of Both Worlds…

The DeckRider® conversion kit offers the ability to transform the HR21 Hybrid into a DeckRider® quickly and easily, and when the DeckRider® functionality is no longer required, the kit can be removed just as easily. Multi Award winning technology coupled with a simple, easy to use and very versatile conversion kit to maximise your versatiliy and greatly increase your utilisation – the best of both worlds.

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