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Tere tulemast Tõstukikeskuse kodulehele!

India Valium Online, Buy Msj Diazepam Uk

1KG=2.2LB 1INCH=25.4MM


HLT10 HLT15 HLT(N)10
Capacity Q kg 1000 1500 1000
Min.fork height h mm 85 85 85
Max.fork height h1 mm 800 800 800
Size of fork exs mm 162×50 162×50 162×50
Length of fork l mm 1140 1100 1150
Width overall fork(adjust/fixed) b5 mm 520/680 520/680 540/680
N.W. kg 105/112 118/125 128/133
Fork rollers mm Φ75×50 Φ75×50 Φ75×50
Big wheel mm Φ150×50 Φ150×50 Φ180×50
Dimension of wooden crate mm 193x58x72 193x58x72 2040x600x1110
Pcs/20′ container mm 193x74x72 193x74x72 2040x740x1110

Note: HLT10&HLT15 is two-cylinder-system HLT(N)10 is one-cylinder-system

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