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Tere tulemast Tõstukikeskuse kodulehele!

Valium Mexico Online, Order Valium Online Overnight

Working Height

12.20m (40ft)

Working outreach

6.10m (20ft)

Superb Gradeability

Will climb very steep
inclines as high as 60% (31°)

Excellent Traction

Better grip on uneven terrain

Fully Proportional
Hydraulic Controls

Simple, reliable &
easy to maintain

Weight Saving Design

Lower cost transportation &
better fuel economy on site

Non-Marking Tracks

Optional rubber-free tracks
available for indoor usage

Variable Width Tracks

Access to 0.75m openings
improving versatility

The TD120TN track drive access platform offers an impressive working envelope from a compact base with outstanding traction.

The TD120TN track drive access platform delivers 60% gradeability with excellent traction on steep or rough terrain and will pass through a 0.75m opening for restricted access applications.

Weight-saving design means that site to site transportation is more economical and the TD120TN track drive access platform is also more efficient, allowing it to work for longer while using less fuel.

Also available are rubber-free urethane tracks, the TD120TN track drive access platform is ideal for internal or clean applications, increasing the number of locations that the TD120TN track drive access platform can work, greatly improving its utilisation.

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